Weed Wipeout

Weed Wipeout
is an interactive game where the player is in a position of managing a farm with weed problems. The player is required to make decisions regarding the most appropriate weed management strategy, and then discovers the results of these decisions. Humorous and unexpected events appear, keeping the job at hand very interesting.

The game simulates real life with the player using their bank account to deal with the weed problems on the farm. Players are exposed to problems such as build up of herbicide resistance, the costs and time involved in controlling weeds and other problems that are associated with managing a farm.

This game was developed with the purpose of providing a fun and enjoyable way to learn about weed management.

Who will be wiped out, you or the weeds?

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Weed Wipeout

Developing greater awareness of weeds and their management in the wider community will be more achievable by starting with the younger generation in schools today. With this purpose, Weed Wipeout developed through the education program of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Australian Weed Management and the University of New England.

To find out more about Weed Wipeout and our current research publications take a look at the Weed Science group in the School of Environmental and Rural Science, University of New England.

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